Queen of the Turtle Derby

10 08 2010

The last few weeks of summer are to be cherished. I hear y’all are sweating it out in the August heat (I’m busy trying to pretend it’s not Christmas season in Northern Cali, bundled up in sweaters, sitting in front of fires). But whatever the temperature, we have a few last-minute summer reads for y’all this week.

Sometimes, before school supplies are bought, fall colors are pulled down from the closet shelves, and the last of the berries are jarred, all I want to do is read short stories. Who has the attention span for a whole novel?

A great little summer read, by Southern author Julia Reed is Queen of the Turtle Derby. She knows the South, so the characters drawn are true, but complicated. Always entertaining, but also full of depth, this writer (who also does pieces for Vogue and the New York Times) tackles every subject from hair to guns to fried chicken. While these are technically essays on life in the south, there’s certainly enough recognizable fiction for anyone who knows the South that they can reasonably be considered stories. Still, from the title (what is a turtle derby, anyway, you ask? Read and find out…), to the last page, this is a perfect Southern read.

Before we know it, Saturdays will be spent tail-gating, so get those last-minute beach days planned, pick up a stack of short stories, and enjoy the heat while it lasts!




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10 08 2010
Suwannee Refugee

The temperature here in Florida does not bring anything to mind about Christmas.

17 08 2010
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20 08 2010
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