Southern Etsy Seller: DayJarView

3 08 2010

I’m always looking for the perfect gift — original, thoughtful, seasonless — and when that perfect gift comes across that perfect gift, file it away in my steel-trap mind, and give it to everyone in my life for the coming years.

So when I moved all the way out here to California-land, my dear friend Kristie gave me just such a gift. She knew I’d be a little homesick, and a teensy bit bored on a 10-day journey out to the West Coast, so at the little going away party my friends threw us, she presented me with a gorgeous glass jar filled with tiny envelopes sending happy messages my way.

And now, she’ll do the same for you. She’s just started her own Etsy store, DayJarView, selling these encouraging thoughts and quotes that will make your friends smile, knowing they are warmly thought of. You can choose your own color for the notes, and they can be customized for weddings, mom, sisters, friends, humor, or just random thoughts. 

I know I already have half my Christmas shopping done, because they’re perfect for everyone. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed opening up a tiny envelope every morning, and posting an inspiring message to my fridge. It gives me a little something to look forward to, and a touch of home and friendship.

Kristie is the type of friend who wants to make everyone smile. And who doesn’t want to be that sort of friend?

Go check out her wares at DayJarView.




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