A Watermelon Love Affair

26 07 2010

In the south we have a love affair with watermelon.  Every summer we wait for the first harvests and even disregard their complete lack of taste, as long as they are that beautiful red color and juicy. 

Not long into summer, and usually after the Fourth of July is when watermelon is at its best.  Not only are they beautiful, but also far sweeter than at the beginning of the season.  As you cut pieces, and the juice begins to run off of the cutting board, you quickly adjust, because you do not want to waste a precious ounce.  Because I know as well as you that watermelon juice makes great cocktails and even wine. 

We place it in our salads, pair it with breakfast, and serve it alone for dessert.  Watermelon is a just one of those foods we love in the south and will never give up, come hell or high water. 

Watermelon is thought have originated in the Kalahari Dessert, and then spread throughout the Mediterranean and Asia, and later arrived in the United States on slave ships. 

You should test this out at your house, but almost every watermelon I eat is better the day after cutting.  Keep us posted on your experiments.




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22 08 2010
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