Handmade Gifts

23 07 2010

This past January I sent my mother a link to a blog where the blogger created a beautiful and huge piece of artwork for her home.  She stenciled a song across painted fabric.  It was beautiful and I had to share it with mom. We send each other lots of decorating ideas found online. 

Fast-forward five month later and it is my birthday. What does my mother make me, but a beautiful and huge piece of artwork just for me using my favorite Shakespeare Sonnet. I have a little thing for William Shakespeare.  Knowing my love for rustic looks, my father built the wooden frame and mother stretched fabric over the frame to stencil the entire sonnet. Evidently, she had to start over three times and was simply exhausted from the project, but it was all worth her time and effort, because I just love what she made for me. 

Handmade gifts are such treasures.




3 responses

29 07 2010

I feel so honored to see your gift displayed on Sweet Iced Tea. Your gift may have taken a little doing, but I loved every minute. I memorized as I went along which made it really fun. I think when I do another I will start smaller though!!! It was constructed and done by true love.


2 08 2010
Dana Johns

That is beautiful! Love it! (And happy belated bday, Becks!)

3 08 2010

thanks!!! She did a good job.

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