Movie Night: Viva Las Vegas

19 07 2010

I have to keep my eyes wide open, but every now and again, I’ll come across a small vestige of my beloved South out West here.

This past Saturday our little Mayberry-town sponsored a movie night in the park, Viva Las Vegas starring my beloved Elvis Presley. It had been years since I’d seen one of the many classic Elvis films — too long! So Husband and I decided to pull ourselves out of the house past sundown, bundle up warmly, pack a little late night snack, and view one of the greats.

Charming as ever, Elvis playing “Lucky Jackson” meets his classic female lead character, “Rusty Martin,” played by the beautiful Ann-Margaret, while visiting Las Vegas to participate in Grand Prix Race. When he meets Miss Martin, he’s so distracted that he misplaces the money he has just raised in Vegas for a new engine. The story is secondary to the music but the 1964 clothes the cars and the colors are worth it by themselves, but then… then you get to hear Elvis croon, and that’s the tip of the frothy frosting-sweet cake.

If you’ve never seen this jewel, it’s one of the best. It’s the perfect hot summer night film, so invite a few neighbors over, hang a sheet up in the back yard and host your own Movie Night! Be sure to have a few decks of cards around, in case anyone wants to stick around after and pretend their in Vegas!

Viva Las Vegas!




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