Hot Fuzz

12 07 2010

If you’re like me, you save every one of those magazines, even though you know you’ll never look through them again.

Well, turns out, from time to time, I do. Especially when you move, and decide in all that now unemployed down-time, to get some order in your files and such.

I found this article in Vogue, from about a year ago, but it’s good to remember for those of us in the South that frizz is ok. (Apparently, this time of year every year, we think about the Frizz Issue. Remember this article by Becky and this Tuesday Tip last year?)

When I was younger, my hair was pin-straight. I long for those days now. My current hairdresser doesn’t believe me, because I’ve got major “texture,” as she likes to spin it, now. So in efforts to break the perfect hair myth, Southern ladies, let’s take a bit of advice from Michelle Fiona, who does the likes of Zooey Deschanel and Amanda Peet’s hair. “You can’t ever completely battle the frizz. You should embrace it a tiny bit. I’ve turned a lot of the girls into not being such freaks about straight hair.”

Good thing, cause summer is here. And so is frizz.

{If you’re a magazine reader, and a behind reader at that too, there’s a great article about Southern cities in the March issue of Town and Country by W. Randall Jones entitled, “You Can Go Home Again. Not a subscriber or a packrat? Pick up both copies at your public library on a hot, frizzy day, or use AccessMyLibrary with your library card and email from your own air-conditioned home computer.}




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