Southern Music Week: She & Him

8 07 2010

I’ll be honest. Oftentimes a second album from a band isn’t as good. I usually excuse it by thinking perhaps they were bursting from the creativity on the first, and just had spent it all to have nothing left on a second. But that second album is often the mark of true genius.

Such is the case in Volume Two from She & Him, the charming duo made up of acclaimed guitarist M. Ward and actress Zooey Deschanel. Volume One was great, but their second album truly shows their talent.

If you’ve not yet heard Ms. Deschanel’s voice, stop reading this and do so immediately (ok, not really, we want you to finish, but do so quickly, alright?)! Even if you think you haven’t, perhaps you’ve seen the Christmas movie, Elf, where she performs a couple of holiday numbers.

It’s light, dreamy, airy, folksy, pleasant. A voice and a styling that recalls simple times when the music was about the voice and not as much of the electronics. Most of these songs you could swear you’ve heard them before, but they have been written by the pair with old-fashioned melodies and a mellow feel. Perfect for a lazy summer afternoon doze.

(Check out our Around the South editions to see if they’re playing a show near you.)




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11 07 2010

We made it to see She & Him this weekend. While the outdoor, Southern heat at Sloss Furnace was miserable, Zooey’s voice was soothing. She is a tiny little thing who apparently hates having her photo taken. Not a very lively show, but the group’s talent and sound is refreshing, calming, and inspiring.

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