Southern Music Week: Fiction Family

7 07 2010

Perhaps the perfect mix of my Southern roots, and my current California reality is a little acoustic progressive bluegrass folk country. And that’s just what Fiction Family is.

It’s no secret that Becky loves Sara Watkins of Nickel Creek, who happens to be the sister of one half of this duo — Sean Watkins and John Foreman.

If you’re thinking you recognize the name John Foreman as well, then you’re correct. Foreman is front man to another fantastic band, Switchfoot.

The name came about as a sort of homage to the common band tag “brothers,” but since Foreman and Watkins aren’t blood related, just sort of a make-believe kind of family — Fiction Family was born.

And we’re so glad it was. I just adore Jon Foreman’s voice (be sure to have a listen to his solo stuff as well — great songs, even if he is a California boy).

Their album was released last year and you might have seen them touring in Southern cities like Atlanta, Charlottesville, and Nashville.

But if not, pick up Fiction Family for the perfect addition to your mellow summer sounds. And, if one album isn’t enough for you, rumor has it another is in the works.




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