Southern Music Week: Sam and Ruby

5 07 2010

This week, we’re guessing a few of you are heading out on family vacations, summer road trips, or just sipping something cold and mellow out on the front porch.

Whichever you’re doing, you’ll need some good tunes to take you along, yes?

So we’ve compiled some of our favorite new bands that you may be familiar with to feature. Pick up some of their cds, or load your own playlist onto the iPod and take along some great music. While not every member of every band is from the South (bless their hearts!), it’s the sound, the mood, we’re after, so we’ll grant them honorary SIT status for this week. Enjoy!

Our first recommendation is a Nashville-based team, Sam and Ruby, made up of Sam Brooker and Ruby Amanfu. They blend folk with R & B, making a perfect mix that makes you just fall in love with them. Ruby’s voice is soulful, reminding you of those gospel days in church, while Sam brings that something Southern that is relaxed, yet sure. Ruby has recorded before, independently, but you’ll be glad these two teamed up.

Get their new album, The Here and the Now, and make sure you don’t miss these for my favorite picks: “More,” “Need Me Less,” and the title track “The Here and the Now.”

Bonus, these two are traveling this month, and will be in Nashville, New Orleans, Rock Hill, Hendersonville, and Miami, just to name a few. As well as out my way in Truckee, CA! Road trip, anyone?




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