Homemade Boca Burgers

2 07 2010

I’m a Navy wife. Unfortunately, while I’m proud when hubby has had to go out to sea and defend our great nation, that leaves me home a lot alone.

I always miss him, but sometimes I don’t mind it. It means I can watch all the Gilmore Girl reruns I want and wear my comfy sweats. But I always mind it come dinner time. Take-out becomes my best friend. I personally blame the siren of Panera Bread Company for the extra 10 pounds I’m not so fond of.

But you learn a few tricks to individual portions too. Omelets are always delicious and can use up any leftover veggies and such in the fridge; Lean Cuisines are the best frozen dinners, without preservatives;  and individually wrapped Boca burgers are healthy, delicious, and fast (and I can sometimes fool myself into believing I’m eating a real burger with a little lettuce, tomato, and mustard).

But here is a delicious recipe for homemade ones. You could still freeze these in individual sandwich bags and take one or two out at at time to grill. Beans are great for you (another good meal for indys by themselves, throw a little rice and salsa — yum!), and inexpensive.

Try them out and enjoy, whether or not you’re cooking for one, or for the whole fam for a cookout this weekend! Great for your vegetarian guests!

Pic from Divine Dinner Party

In a large bowl, mash one can of beans (with the liquid). You can use your favorite – kidney, azuki, or my favorite, black beans. Add 1 cup texturized vegetable protein and 1/4 cup corn flour. Then just add your choice of seasonings. I suggest chili powder, garlic, onion, or whatever else you like. You can even put a splash of steak sauce in there for extra flavor. Let firm in refridgerator for about an hour and then you’re ready to cook or freeze!




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