Happy Fourth of July!!

2 07 2010

While firing up the grill this weekend, swimming in the pool, feasting on cold watermelon and watching your backyard or city display of fireworks, I hope you will take a moment to reflect on the nation we love, the United States of America.  One doesn’t have to go far to recognize the many amenities available to us here, but far more important are the everyday, simple freedoms that allow us to live the life we choose.  Of course, one could always argue the downsides, the pitfalls and supply general complaints.  But my friends, it a big world and our borders create an invisible door of freedoms that upon entering provides you rights often forgotten by the world.  Only fools would claim that we have a perfect system, but the bigger fool would go without appreciating the country in which we live.  It is the reason people fight to make it across our borders, while others, both living and those who have gone before us, fight to protect the country we love.

I find myself a bit teary eyed when thinking about how humbled I am to celebrate this Fourth of July in the United States of America.  Pat a soldier on the back, read a copy of the constitution, watch fireworks and do all of the things you love because you live here, and you live now. 

Wishing you a safe and heartfelt Fourth of July.




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4 10 2010
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