Fox Brothers Bar-B-Q

30 06 2010

Have you ever eaten so much that you are literally in pain afterwards? It is a practice that I am not too proud of but whenever barbeque (BBQ, Bar-B-Q) is around, I find myself unable to stop eating.  Exhaustion, laziness, and inevitably draw string pants follow this binge eating.  Dinner at Fox Brothers Bar-B-Q in Atlanta, Georgia resulted in all of the responses above and in my sincere thankfulness for draw string. 

Near Little Five Points in Atlanta, Fox Brothers made the MSN top ten list of barbeque joints in the United States and continues to win local awards and awards from larger groups such as Zagat.   While the wait can be long, and the parking spots few, you can enjoy a cold beverage outside while dreaming about your upcoming meal.  A word to the wise, don’t have too many beverages, as you will want to save room for the barbeque (it is real good). 

We gorged ourselves on fried pickles, pulled pork, Brunswick stew, macaroni and cheese (the shell variety), collards, French fries, and as you can see too much food.  Nevertheless, it was delicious and while it was only nine in the evening when we left, I was ready for bed immediately.  If you are anything like me, you might want to plan for an immediate bedtime instead of planning a night out afterwards.  Believe me, you won’t make it far!

Just in case you cannot make it to Fox Brothers Bar-B-Q restaurant, but you live in Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee and the Carolina’s you can find Fox Brothers Bar-B-Q sauce at Whole Foods.




2 responses

30 06 2010
Suwannee Refugee

I love bbq any way that I can get it. I’m particularly fond of Eastern NC style bbq.

1 07 2010

Me too. I could go for vinegar based sauces all day long.

I wasn’t able to get that honey in the mail last weekend, but it should happen this weekend. Sorry for the delay!

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