Food Friday: Green Beans

25 06 2010

Most of us Southerners are well familiar with the old standby that is green beans. We eat them fresh out of the garden, in casseroles, in salads, even fried. Whenever momma said, eat your green vegetables, I never minded if it were green beans.

I love mine fresh from the farmer’s market, with a little garlic and melted butter.

But as familiar as we are with this favorite, there are always a few little tips and tricks to learn, and that’s what SIT’s Food Fridays are all about.

  • Green beans are also known by several names — French beans, runner beans, string beans, snap beans, Haricots verts. So many names for one little vegetable!
  • There are over 130 varieties known, and not all are green. They can be gold, purple, red, or even streaked.
  • When purchasing, they should be firm enough to snap when you bend the bean in half.
  • Don’t add baking soda to your cooking beans. While this old trick is used to keep the beans green, it also leaches out valuable nutrients and flavor. Instead, use a pinch of sugar to enhance the flavor.
  • Acidic additions, such as lemon or tomatoes also adversely affect the color of the beans. Leave the pot uncovered as well to keep the beans bright green.
  • Green beans pair beautifully with almonds. Add a few slivered almonds garnish your dish.



One response

25 06 2010
The Florida Blogger

Ya know, I’m not much of a beans eater. I’m partial to peas like Pinkeyed and Blackeyed and Conch.

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