Papillote, Savannah

24 06 2010

As the rain began to quietly fall outside Papillote, we delighted in a croque monsieur, quiche accompanied by a mixed greens salad, a chilled lemon soup, and macarons for dessert.  Often, I find restaurant menus to be stagnant, and void of any heart, but at Papillote, there are daily specials based upon the mood or desires of the chef.  You will not find any headquarters dictating the daily special, or happy hour prices, but rather the realized dream of two people with the desire to serve good food. 

Papillote is a relatively new restaurant in Savannah that focuses on providing fresh and delicious food.  Whether you decide to sit down or take a meal back to work or home, you will find solace in the fact that all menu selections are made from scratch daily.   

When mom and I traveled to Savannah last month, we knew that were going to indulge in the French side of Savannah.  Before shopping at Paris Market and Brocante and after spending over an hour and a half at Jere’s Antiques, mom and I needed nourishment.  Of course, on the agenda was lunch at Papillote and I know you will find it just as inviting on your next trip to Savannah. 




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