First Ever Sweet Iced Tea Book Club: The Help

22 06 2010

I must admit, I can sometimes be a bit of a book snob, preferring older books to new best sellers. I justify it by telling myself I want to make sure it stands the test of time before I invest 12 hours reading a 400-page tome. But honestly, it’s just that there are so many classics out there, I am just a little behind.

But, every now and again, I’ll be swayed by something like the infamous and infernal Oprah sticker on the front, or a place on the New York Times bestseller list. Especially, if the story happens to take place in Jackson, Mississippi.

Such was the case when I left my Kindle on a plane (holding back tears, holding back tears), and was forced to purchase a copy of The Help in the Seattle airport.

Two hours later, we landed in San Jose, and I was engrossed in the story.

This fantastic story, the first by author Kathryn Stockett, involves three Southern women at the beginning of the civil rights movement. Their characters are so genuine and complex and compelling.

Becky and I used to be in a book club together, and since I miss talking to someone about the books I’ve read (husband continually picks books about all that pesky political stuff I just can’t get interested in), we thought we might read it together, and have our own little Sweet Iced Tea bookclub.

With technology, isn’t it amazing that we can read a book, and discuss it with someone 2,500 miles away?

We invite you to read The Help, by Kathryn Stockett. If you’d like to see the questions we’ll be discussing, go to Ms. Stockett’s website. Then email us at to participate. You’re welcome to chime in with questions, thoughts, comments. Or Twitter us at “sweeticetea.” If you have a Google Gmail account, you’re welcome to chat live with us on July 12th, but remember to email beforehand, so we can give you the “live” time.

We’ll post all discussion later that day on Monday, July 12th. This would be a great read for your July holiday weekend!

Welcome, to the First Sweet Iced Tea Bookclub. Any suggestions for our next literary endeavour?




3 responses

23 06 2010
Ashley G

Oh I loved this book! Can’t wait to hear what ya’ll think!

25 06 2010

I loved this book! I just read it for my book club last month…it was a hit. Can’t wait to chat about it with ya’ll.

12 07 2010
Sweet Iced Tea Book Club: The Help « Sweet Iced Tea

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