The Porter Beer Bar

21 06 2010

It was a busy night in Atlanta. The Sweetwater festival was in full swing, as was the Dogwood and Film festival.  People crammed themselves into restaurants attempting to recover from a full day of drinking and being outdoors.  It was the third night of our trip and I was becoming tired from so much activity, my life is relatively quiet, but this was the “big dinner” night and I was excited. 

“Big dinner,” usually equates to spending a little more money, sitting a bit longer than usual and generally just experiencing something new.  On this busy Atlanta evening, I wanted to go nowhere other than the Porter Beer Bar in Little Five Points.  Even though serving food and beer has been around for centuries, Gastropubs are on the forefront of restaurant trends.  Gastropubs usually serve only microbrewery and specialty beers, both domestic and imported, along with food that has a bit more flare than potato skins and chips and salsa.  While bar food has its place (from freezer to microwave), it is a thrill to engage my palate is something a bit more complex. 

Our dinner fate seemed gloomy as we approached the restaurant only to see the tables and crowds spilled out onto the sidewalk.  To my surprise a table was available for seating.  All I could do was look up at the sky and give a wink to the big man up there.  He knows the desires of my heart. 

With an appetizer of salt and vinegar popcorn and a light German beer, the feeling of satisfaction began to roll over me in waves.  The Porter is decorated with lots of old luggage, everything is a bit dark, and yet it was intimate, our server was personable and full of suggestions (which was important because the beer list was HUGE, over 300 beers) and it is the kind of place you dream about owning.  Our dinners included Korean BBQ sandwiches (according to boyfriend, the best sandwich he has ever eaten), an incredible pasta dish with butter beans, and a white wine sauce, fish and chips and of course, beautiful, flavorful beer. 

The Porter Beer Bar is definitely a great pic if you are headed to Atlanta any time soon.  The people watching alone is worth the trip.




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