Honey Harvest

21 06 2010

We are very excited to have honey back in the house.  Two of our eleven hives produced 29 gallons of wildflower honey.  The other hives are a bit young, but can you even imagine all of that honey when they are all producing ? 

The wildflower honey has a beautiful golden color and is delicious.  Lots of friends came over to help with the harvest this time and our rule is, if you help, you get honey. What a deal, right?  Plus, the entire process from extraction to pouring into jars is fascinating and who wouldn’t want to participate?

Here are a few of the shots from the day.  Also, check out last year’s harvest




5 responses

21 06 2010
The Florida Blogger

What do you do with the wax? I remember hunting for bees in Africa. Quite a treat!

23 06 2010

We usually melt it down and reuse it in the hives. Did you want some of the wax?

23 06 2010
Alan Davidson

Nope, I’m good on wax. What kind of honey? I’m kind of partial to Orange Blossom being that I’m from Florida.

4 08 2010
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