Tea Pops

18 06 2010

I don’t know about y’all over there on the “right” side of the world, but we’re having a heat wave out here in Cali (ok, it’s only 80… but that’s warming up when you’re used to 60 — these poor folks would never make it when a Southern August would come around).

So, there are some days when even the coldest glass of sweet iced tea won’t cut it. You just need something frozen. And since the ice cream man doesn’t seem to make it to my block, I’ve been forced to make my own popsicles.

I’m a fan of putting just about anything in a popsicle mold (ask my Easter guests about the famous Mimosa Brunch popsicle). So, when I came across the idea of putting my favorite Sweet Tea in a pop form, my gracious! I might have just found my new summer treat to eat on the grass in the warm summer afternoons. And with all the health benefits tea has to offer, I’m guessing it’s better for me than running up to Cold Stone for the third time this week.

You can make tea pops with just about any form of your favorite tea — black, white, green — just be sure to brew it to double strength, as freezing tends to mute its flavor a bit. I invested in those handy plastic molds for only $1 at Target, but popsicle sticks or even spoons in plastic cups work just as well. Add a fruit juice or sugar if you wish, or herbs such as mint or basil, freeze for a few hours and enjoy!

For a fancier version of the popsicle, I suggest a granita. Pour your tea in a shallow (freezer-safe) dish and place in the freezer. After 30 minutes to an hour, scrape a fork through the thin ice crystals that will start to form on the surface. Continue freezing and alternately scraping every 30 minutes or so until the mixture is thoroughly frozen. (If you scrape more often, the texture will be thinner, and more often, the ice crystals will be thicker — think Sno Cone.)

And for those of you latte addicts, there’s a simple way to convert your favorite coffee drink to tea. Tea and milk pair together wonderfully hot, so why not cold?

I’ll be indulging in all my favorite frozen treats this summer, and incorporating tea whenever I can! What are your favorite popsicle recipes or add-ins?

Some friends enjoying my popsicle creations.




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