Drink the Kool-Aid.

15 06 2010

Remember when you were kids, playing in the backyard all day in the summer, sticky from the heat and mom called you in for lunch, poured a nice glass of Kool-Aid and sat you down with a sandwich on white bread and salt & vinegar potato chips?

Ahh… those were the good old days.

So, have you heard of the new flavor of Kool-Aid — Sweet iced tea flavored?

No, our favorite sticky sweet substance of childhood hasn’t gotten on the bandwagon just yet (though if you’re reading this and work over at the Kraft corporation marketing department, feel free to steal this idea!).

Here’s just a little way to bring some of that childhood summer back.

Mix 5 or 6 tea bags with one package of Kool-Aid in a half-gallon container, along with your desired amount of sugar (we put in 3/4 of a cup, but you could cut it down to 1/2 if you’re watching that sort of thing). Pour in your boiling hot water and chill. When it’s nice and cold, add more cold water to fill the container, and enjoy! (And make sure to check out our version of a more “grown-up” fruit tea from a post earlier today!)

A little taste of tea, a little taste of childhood.




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