A Little Family Bragging

13 06 2010

Ok, so it’s time for a little family love. 

I "borrowed" this shot of Christmas from Facebook.

I’m guessing, as Southerners, we all know the concept of family closeness. One of the things I immediately was drawn to when meeting Becky was her relationship with her family. It’s got to be a kindred spirit when family members share such strong preferences together. 

Her family is constantly throwing the most picturesque parties complete with real furniture, cloth napkins, and chandeliers hanging from the trees, making their own honey, music, and all things fabulous. 

Taken at sister's wedding

I grew up in that anomaly sort of family where it seemed more like the 1950’s than the 90’s. My Daddy and Mom are still married, Momma stayed home and was always class room mother, ready with cupcakes on birthdays and chaperoning all our field trips, we had hot chocolate chip cookies and milk after school each day, always ate supper together at the table, and played card games at night. We’re still close to this day, despite being spread out over Kentucky, Georgia, and California. 

So since several of our family members have their own online presence, I thought I’d share our pride here with you. Perhaps we can all make a new friend. Consider this your introduction to our favorite people at our very own Sweet Iced Tea cocktail party. 


I know Becky has mentioned a few times her adorable sister, Rachael. Though I’ve only met her a handful of times, I feel like we’re the oldest and dearest of friends since I regularly follow her and new husband’s great blog, The Screendoor Diaries. Obviously, that family has a thing for screendoors! What’s more Southern than that?

(Not to be overlooked, Becky’s parents are about the coolest around. Her dad is an instructor at Florida State College, teaching culinary arts and her mom is the music minister at their church. Rumor has it, she’s written and sold a few songs in her lifetime too.) 

Always ahead of the times, it was many years ago (more than I care to mention) when my dad actually introduced me to the concept of blogging. He gave me a wonderfully practical book, In, But Not Of, aimed at young professionals upon graduation from college, and the author, Hugh Hewwit, strongly suggests the concept of careful blogging. So, I started my first little ramblings, with really no purpose, other than a strong mention of my love for books. 


Daddy is a busy man, running a business that provides communication services to ministries, so he has plenty more technological experience than most with his business, but it’s only been recently that he’s decided to begin his own blog. And let me say, that while it’s hard to leave my strong prejudices aside, these musings really are fantastic. Well thought out, always timely and poignant, Know Be Do will always make you think. Add it to your Google Reader immediately. 


You’ll also remember that my mom, whom I affectionately call “Lady” has had her book, Released, published about her experiences with, and success in overcoming, anxiety and depression. 

Dear, way-cooler-than-me little sister, who I’ve mentioned a time or two, writes from time to time on a charming blog, of Baubles in between her studies as a student at the University of Georgia. She also recently started Author-Illustrator with her best friend, Hannah (are we sisters or what that even what some would consider a solitary endeavour — writing — we undertook with a friend). 

On this lazy Sunday afternoon, pour yourself a glass of something cold, and go catch up on your favorite blogs.




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30 12 2010

Thanks for your kind words. We can do plenty of bragging on you, too!

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