How Does Your Garden Grow?

11 06 2010

How does your garden grow? Our garden is growing quite well this year and the bounty is astounding. 

Last Saturday we sat down to eat an ear of sweet corn that we picked and shucked that morning.  It was heavenly.  We also made 32 quarts of pickles, and that is only a quarter of what we will bring in from the garden!  I wish share our family recipe next week. 

While we planted most of our seeds two months ago, it is not too late to plant your tomatoes, herbs, corn and other varietals that grow well in the south. Plus, you might be able to grown more in your area depending upon your soil and climate.  Check out the Seeds of Change website to see what you need to plant now. 

Pictured below are a few of the items we harvested last weekend, including our first tomato of the season. 

We would love to see pictures of your garden.  To submit, please email them to




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11 06 2010
The Florida Blogger

I’ve been doing my garden by hanging this year–and not in one of those nifty little pots they want an arm and a leg for. I used two liter bottles to create my tomato pots. I’ve had a pretty good yield so far.

11 06 2010

I’ve been wanting to give one of my arms and one of my legs for one of those nifty pots! I’ll have to try this instead!

14 06 2010
Bread and Butter Pickles « Sweet Iced Tea

[…] The garden this year is completely full of the cucumbers.  So many that couldn’t possibly eat them all, so we decided that bread and butter pickles, and dill pickles were on the agenda.  For all of you having an ah-ha moment, I am happy to tell you that yes, cucumbers make pickles.  […]

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