Tuesday Tip: Pup Tent

8 06 2010

Inspired by my recent, and un-Ginger-like desire to camp (maybe the mountain air is getting in my lungs?), and by the always adorable Elsie’s Summer Camp at one of my favorite blogs, A Beautiful Mess, I keep trying to talk Husband into going old-school like children and build a fort with me.

In his own words, Husband is “not very whimsical,” so I don’t think I’m going to talk him into this anytime soon.

So, I’m filing this idea away for the future when I have my built in play-friends in my children (my reasons are completely selfish, not to worry Mom… you’ll get your grandkids, because I want someone to play with).

But in the meantime, those of you with little ones, or anyone in your life who might like to build a tent from time to time, I’m offering this gem.

Install a retractable shower line anywhere you wish — in between two trees, in a corner of a bedroom — to drape a quilt over.

Voila! Instant tent!

And the best part, as soon as you’re finished playing for the day, and wish to clean up, the line retracts and goes right back into place.

(P.S. – I love these shower lines in my own bathroom. You can get them on Amazon, and probably elsewhere at other bath and linen stores. So handy in hotels, so I bought one for myself to hang bathing suits and um, unmentionables to dry. Husband may not be whimsical, but he is handy. Anyone else know of any other uses for them?)

For tent inspiration, check out this “seriously cool” fort from one of my favorite all-time movies, The Holiday. I recommend you watch the entire movie, but if you must, start about 5:30 in this scene.

Frowny face. “You don’t like tents?” Precious. Ok, enough quotes from this charming movie. Just go watch it for yourself. Go on, we won’t mind.




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