Jere’s Antiques Savannah

8 06 2010

Overlooking the Savannah River, you will find Jere’s Antiques, a warehouse of furniture.  Separated and sorted by furniture types, such as, armoires, tables, chairs, bars, stained glass, etc…Jere’s has amazing pieces and sets.  This is not your little antique shop with lots of knick knacks but rather the place you buy the items to hold the knick knacks.  Anything you purchase at Jere’s would be an investment in your home, your life and is guaranteed to provide you a piece of history. 

You could easily get lost at Jere’s Antiques, but don’t worry, at least you will be lost in a sea of antique furniture! It could be worse. 

p.s-It gets a bit toasty at Jere’s, so if you visit during the summer make sure to be there when it opens at 9:30. 




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24 06 2010
Papillote, Savannah « Sweet Iced Tea

[…] Before shopping at Paris Market and Brocante and after spending over an hour and a half at Jere’s Antiques, mom and I needed nourishment.  Of course, on the agenda was lunch at Papillote and I know you […]

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