The Notebook: Book, Movie, Musical

5 06 2010

I remember the first time I saw The Notebook. A couple of friends and I went to the Peabody Place theater in downtown Memphis. Of course I cried my eyes out, and loved every minute of the 1940’s clothes, setting, the innocence of young summer love.

If you’ve seen it as I have 1,000 times since, you’ll remember the scene on an early date where Noah talks Allie into laying down on the street with him. So afterward, one of the group suggested we lay ourselves down in the street, just like Allie and Noah. So we did. We just laid right down on the cobblestones of Main (don’t worry momma, cars can’t drive on Main), and thought about the beautiful story we had just watched.

I immediately had to read the book, and its sequel, The Wedding, and I’ve watched the DVD I now own too many times to count. Each time, I sob, just as I did the first time.

You’ll recall that the story takes place in South Carolina, our beloved South, as many of Mr. Sparks stories do. He’s had an astounding six turned into major motion pictures, including A Walk to Remember. I’ve read several of his books, and they are all full if lessons and love.

Now The Notebook is being turned into a musical, with its ultimate goal — Broadway. They tested on an audience the past fall in North Carolina, with Bethany Joy Galeotti, of One Tree Hill fame, collaborating on the adaptation.

When an actor can act, sing, and dance, we call him or her a triple threat. So perhaps when an author manages to be so successful, he not only gets published (a difficult feat), but also his works are adapted time and time again for movies, and then, beyond this, there is talk of a Broadway musical, I suppose you might consider Nicholas Sparks a triple threat.




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