28 05 2010

It is possible that I have an unhealthy relationship with chocolate. I know, I know… it’s super typical of a Southern woman to love chocolate. I’m ok with that. In this one area, I’m happy to be a cliché. I am SO glad that the “experts” have decided, for this decade at least, that chocolate is good for us. I have chocolate every day. Not an occasional treat. Every day. I’m happy to keep 5 (or 10) extra lbs. of extra “curves,” (read: pudge) if it means I get to eat truffles, cakes, candies every day.

And probably most of those days when I’m eating whatever form of chocolate that strikes my fancy that particular day, I’m wishing instead that it were Dinstuhl’s chocolate-covered strawberries instead.

These are no ordinary chocolate-covered strawberries. Not that you can really ruin a berry by simply dipping it in chocolate, but no. Dinstuhl’s takes it a step farther. They first dip them in this amazing sugary fondant, then cover with their incredibly rich milk chocolate. Think cordial cherries at Christmastime. Mmm… mouth… watering.

And what makes it all the worse is that they only carry these strawberries while they’re in their peak — so, springtime, from about Valentine’s day to Easter. Such a short window! (Sorry in-laws, now you know why we most always try to plan a visit in the springtime.)

Ok, but enough about those mouth-watering strawberries, all their candies are amazing. Continuing in a family tradition that is over 100 years old, the Dinstuhl family in Memphis still runs the business themselves.

If you’re so inclined, try their Southern Sampler, Elvis-themed candies, or one of my other favorites, Divinity. Divine!

If you’re desperate for a fix and don’t live in the area, Dinstuhl’s will ship overnight. It’s possibly safer than walking into their shop and seeing all the deliciousness staring you in the face. Looks like I have to wait another year, but this West-coast girl might just need to use this shipping service come spring next year. I’m already craving those chocolate-covered strawberries.




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31 05 2010
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[…] And topped that off with a candy treat from Dinstuhl’s. […]

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