2044 Miles to Graceland

27 05 2010

So, I’m not quite 3000 miles from Graceland, but almost.

Known for its famous resident, Elvis Presley, obviously, and it’s gaudy decor, this Memphis landmark is perhaps the most famous, and definitely the most oft visited. While it’s certainly a tourist destination, you can’t make a visit to Memphis without visiting the home of its most famous resident.

Upon a visit to Graceland, you can tour the home and the grounds, featuring the very rooms the Presley’s lived in, and some of Mr. Presley’s personal belongings, including classic cars and planes. And of course, you’ll want to visit his final resting place.

My dad pointed out to me that since Elvis' middle name was spelt "Aron" instead of "Aaron" as here, those who still believe the king is still alive have more evidence that he's still somewhere, eating a jelly donut.

While my first visit was at 5 (we just had to visit Graceland, just as soon as moving to Tennessee), I myself, made a yearly pilgrimage during my years living in Memphis. I just couldn’t resist paying homage to the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll on the annual Elvis Week. Folks come from literally all over the world to mourn his death and even build elaborate shrines to their fallen king.

You won’t know whether to laugh or cry. Bring a hankie, just in case.

Everyone in Memphis has their own Elvis story — he bought a car from them, showed up at their kid’s football game, ate a meal at the table next to them at the local diner…  So create your own by visiting Elvis’ beloved home – Graceland – next time you’re in Memphis. You’ll never forget the experience. And perhaps, as some say, you’ll have an Elvis sighting of your own.

My family and me, cool as Elvis in the 80's, in front of one of Elvis' planes which remain on the grounds -- the Lisa Marie

While photographs are no longer allowed, time has kept most of the rooms, including the famous Jungle Room, untouched and unchanged.




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