Six Feet Under, Atlanta

26 05 2010

Six Feet Under.  When I first read or hear those words, I instantly think of the very popular HBO series.  I would have never thought it to be the name of a restaurant.  However, knowing that it is located across from the Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta, Georgia the name makes a bit more sense.  Personally, I find that be very clever. Creepy, but clever. 

Both the Oakland Cemetery and Six Feet Under are situated in the Grant Park area of Atlanta and overlook the railroad and the Atlanta skyline from a distance (you know that is my favorite).  While creepy at night, cemeteries can be truly beautiful places and the Oakland Cemetery is no different. Tourists flock here, and if you are lucky enough to be seated on the rooftop deck of Six Feet Under, you can enjoy your meal, watch the tourists and search for the most beautiful headstones from the comfort of your chair.  

The Six Feet Under menu has a wide appeal and I imagine almost anyone can find something to enjoy, whether a burger, fish sandwich, fried baskets or other southern fare.  On the weekends, they also have a spectacular Bloody Mary bar.  While parking can be limited, Six Feet Under is a great place to grab a sandwich, a drink, and enjoy the breeze on the upstairs desk, all the while being reminded that you are well and alive and not pushing up daisies across the street.   




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