Big Talbot Island

24 05 2010

Big Talbot Island is one of the islands north of Jacksonville, Florida.  It is area full of beautiful palms and oak trees, marshes, Spanish moss abounds and there are spots where the locals go to fish, jet ski and enjoy the life.  The main stretch of road that covers this area, Heckscher Drive, is shaded by the trees and the two lane road with the car windows down makes for a superb drive. 

Big Talbot is predominately a State Park and includes an entire collective of parks and beaches in the area.  It is also where we recently went kayaking

The Big Talbot Island State Park boasts one of the most interesting beaches.  Due to erosion and time, live oak and cedar trees have fallen from their strong position on the shore line to the beach.  The salt and sun seems to have bleached the trees, but their sheer size and root systems are nothing but impressive.  As a result, this beach has been nicknamed Boneyard Beach.  The trees are now protected and cannot be removed from the beach. This is a good thing as the world seems to have an obsession with driftwood (even though this really is not driftwood). 

 Here are some of the shots from our outing. I must return to try and snap a few pictures at dusk, as taking pictures in mid day is rarely a good idea, but a few turned out alright.  Enjoy!




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24 05 2010
The Florida Blogger

I’ve wanted to get up that way, but the furthest north I’ve made it (camping, that is) is Tomoka State Park around Daytona Beach. Looked fun!

26 05 2010
The Last Remaining Ferry Boat in Florida « Sweet Iced Tea

[…] up and running for generations.  The ferry connects Mayport and Fort George Island which leads to Big Talbot and Kayak Amelia.  The five minute ride is worth the five or so dollars to […]

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