Kayak Amelia

20 05 2010

Often people, including myself, assume that a goodtime can only be had if one leaves town to explore some faraway place.  While that can be true, how great is it to explore and appreciate the wonders in your area?  This past weekend we had a great time exploring our island neighbors (Big and Little Talbot Island) to the north and while we spent the day only thirty minutes from home, it felt like a retreat.  Dropping in (kayaking term) at 9:15am to avoid the heat of mid-day, we set out for our morning adventure.  The water was relatively calm except for a southeasterly breeze that caused the water to ripple, and the occasional jet skier or small fishing boat.  The fish jumped all morning, and we even saw a fisherman bring in an enormous red fish.  A stop at a sandy beach provided the opportunity to explore and give our arms a rest.  

Human powered adventures, such as, kayaking have seen an increase in popularity over the years and provide the opportunity to participate in nature, exercise and experience new things.  The folks over at Kayak Amelia, provided the kayaks to our little group, and on the paddle back, we passed at least 20 others launching on their own kayak adventure. 

Here are some of the pictures of our outing in the salt marshes, and estuaries of the St. John’s River. 




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20 05 2010
The Florida Blogger

There are so many places along this waterway that are beautiful and historic. And you’ve just yaked on only one of a few rivers that flow from south to north.

20 05 2010

Yes, there are many places. Thanks for mentioning the bit about the flow of the river. I should have mentioned that but failed. 🙂 It was a great day out on the water.

20 05 2010

Excellent pictures! The fella in the kayak looks like quite the pro.

21 05 2010

He kind of looks like Dave Matthews! 🙂

26 05 2010
The Last Remaining Ferry Boat in Florida « Sweet Iced Tea

[…] for generations.  The ferry connects Mayport and Fort George Island which leads to Big Talbot and Kayak Amelia.  The five minute ride is worth the five or so dollars to […]

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