Memphis Skyline and the Mississippi River

20 05 2010

I am a sucker for a downtown skyline.  It must have something to do with those car trips as kids when we passed the “big city” from the interstate and pointed out the city skyline from a distance.  But, if I think about it, we had the same reaction to seeing mountains, road side stands, horses, etc…I think we were just excited kids.   Truthfully, I have no idea why I love seeing big buildings now and many of the things they contain, such as, boring offices, air conditioning vents, and smoke stacks. 

As Ginger and I stood examining the downtown skyline of Memphis last fall, my imagination led me down a path where I envisioned people living lives similar to those seen in old movies with lots of martinis, cigarettes and expensive jewels.  That is probably the reason I love skylines.  They provoke my imagination. 

On top of a downtown Memphis building, Ginger and I were able to see all sorts of fun sights, the Autozone Park, The Memphis Journal building, and the Mississippi River.

The Mississippi River, flows next to downtown Memphis and adds to the already vibrant life of the area.  The river walk area along the Mississippi and neighboring downtown provide concerts at the Mud Island River Park amphitheatre, a museum, parks, pedal boats, and a scale model of the Mississippi River, that you can actually walk through.  Who doesn’t love taking off their shoes and playing in the water every now and then?  

From this brief description, you can conclude that there is plenty keep everyone busy in downtown Memphis, and that I get excited about all things, whether it be a downtown skyline or a river.  Maybe it is time you let your imagination and your car take you to Memphis.




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