Quail Eggs

19 05 2010

Quail, the small and humble bird is a beauty and has a long history of being hunted in the southeast.  Specifically, areas in South Georgia and North Florida are known to be the best.  Hunters take to the fields during hunting season to find the coveys that live between the pines, tall grasses and live oaks. 

Much has been done to protect quail, as wild populations have declined considerably since the 1940’s.   The reduction of numbers can generally be blamed on a number of causes, such as an increase in predators and loss of habitat.   Groups such as Quail Unlimited and Quail Forever work to preserve the bird and address issues. 

Perhaps it is selfish but I would love to share the joy of eating a 4 minute hard boiled quail egg paired with pasta, basil, garlic, olive oil and tomatoes with my children one day. 

Save the quail!




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