Tuesday Tip: Sweet Potato Fries

18 05 2010

Image via Skinny Chef

There used to be this fantastic bistro up the street from our house. We went every Sunday and then at least a couple times during the week. Unfortunately, it closed earlier this year. We’ve often teased that it’s “ruined our lives” since a group of us friends used to meet there for those regular weekly meals, and once the routine was broken, we’ve met up far less often.

We’ll have to change that — over a nice fresh batch of sweet potato fries. These were one of our favorite side dishes from the cafe, but theirs were always so much nicer and crispier than mine ever turn out when I’ve tried to recreate them.

I just read this genius tip from Lifehacker on how to crisp them up: by soaking them in cold water for about 30 minutes first. Something scientific about the starches sugars in potatoes and such… etc etc. But the real point is, we must try these, pronto!

My mouth’s watering just thinking of them! Maybe our lives will get back to normal if I can master the art of crunchy, salty sweet potato fries!




One response

18 05 2010
The Florida Blogger

Sweet potatoes fries are great and, to top that, they are good for you. A win win.

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