This Is the Day You Were Born

18 05 2010

This is the season where weddings are upon us. And I love it. It brings to mind all those corny words that, if I’m telling the truth, I really love — romantic, life-affirming, magical, whimsy, epic.

I had the joy and privilege to go to Memphis this weekend for possibly the most beautiful wedding I’ve ever attended. It was one of those simple weddings where you could just feel the palpable love between the couple. The pastor described them perfectly when he said they had a pure, uncomplicated love and relationship with each other.

I was lucky enough to marry into this family where these sorts of blessings are just sung and celebrated in the biggest way.

And boy was this a celebration! I had to exclaim that I felt just like I walked right into a scene from a movie. Folks danced, sang, cheered, laughed, ate — all the best parts of a wedding.

There was music sung by the coolest uncle, a surprise serenade by the groom to the lovely bride, grandparents who showed us all what it means to really smoke the dance floor, bountiful tables and tables of hearty food including cheeses, colorful fruits, pickled okra, cakes, pies, doughnuts, and my favorite (and thank goodness I was back in the South) sweet tea, a candy bar with goodie bags for the little ones (and maybe a few lollipops eaten by a few of the grown-ups), one of the most original guestbook “paintings” I’ve ever seen that all the guests got to help create, a “journey” clothesline with pictures of the gorgeous bride and groom, simple but beautiful flowers, and even a moment where all the guests literally pushed tables to the wall for more room to kick up our heels. You know the wedding is a success when furniture has to be moved!

This was the perfect Southern weekend. Full of family, a quick stop (ok, two stops) to my beloved, and much missed Chick-fil-A, too few stolen minutes, but rich time with dear sister, memories, friends, and most importantly, love.

I’ll share some pictures below for inspiration, some taken by me, the rest “stolen” from friends and family’s cameras. (Hope they don’t mind!)

Summer is here. And we’re in good spirits! Kick up your heels, celebrate love!

Goin' to the chapel, and they're gonna get married... weather called for rain that day, so they moved it from outdoors to this adorable chapel. As you can see, the day was gorgeous, but the quaint pews and stained glass fit perfectly with the ceremony after all.

The wedding was casual, so the groomsmen wore white shirts, khaki pants, and suspenders -- a perfect Southern spring wedding attired party.

I just wanted to jump up and cheer as the bride walked down the aisle to a beautiful rendition of "Always" by Switchfoot. But instead, I just reached over and held my sweetie's hand. We were all watching the groom's face as he couldn't decide to smile or cry.

They are now Mr. & Mrs.!

The wildflowers everywhere perfectly evoked the bride's personality -- beautiful, sweet, and simple!

First Dance!

Daddy and daughter had the most fun dancing to "My Girl." They are two peas in a pod!

But it was mother and son who had us all really in tears, dancing to the beautiful song, "I Hope You Dance."

Lemonade and notice my favorite sweet tea provided perfect refreshment when we were all panting from a turn around the dance floor!

Homemade cupcakes!

Sweet cousin wrote his new bride a happy song!

Everyone, young and young-at-heart, kept that dance floor hot. I don't think I've ever been to a wedding where every single person joined in so joyfully.

Of course, most of the dancing fun was thanks to the most fun wedding band, led by the bride's uncle. A perfect mix of bluegrass, reggae, calypso, country...

Wildflowers everywhere lent such a romantic and fresh touch.

Journey banner -- pictures of the two until their lives intersected. And we're so glad they did!

Surrounding the guest "book" were framed pictures of all the grandparents and parents on their wedding days. A legacy continues, and those before were honored.

Each guest got to stamp their thumbprint as a leaf on the family tree. What an original idea -- even if we all did have to walk around with green thumbs for the rest of the reception. We didn't mind!

Candy bar - complete with tiny bags to make your own favors.

And they're off... to live happily ever after!




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