18 05 2010

Image from Flickr

I recently saw a pillow that had the following embroidered message on it:

“A pair of shoes can change your life.”


I personally believe this message. I actually attribute a dear friendship to a bonding experience on a high school trip over a shared pair of Doc Martens. (Just showed my age there, didn’t I?)

While there is almost nothing better than a beautiful pair of shoes, well-crafted, that will wear the test of time throughout your life, sometimes, there is just something to be said for an inexpensive, trendy pair that will make you look and feel great for a single season.

When I was a poor little single gal, just graduated from college, living in Memphis, I had one such source from which to buy these cheap, trendy shoes, within walking distance of that first little apartment.

And I still can’t get Shoe-Nami out of my head.

Every time I get to Memphis, I have to sneak myself over to Shoe-Nami. So when Becky and I went on our road trip last fall, we both walked away with a bag or two full of some fun new styles. They’ve got the sorted by color, so you can get one from every hue in the rainbow (you Southern girls know momma taught you to match your shoes to your bag).

So, if you’re lucky enough to live in Memphis, or are planning to make a visit there soon, make sure to allot time out to treat yourself to a new pair (or two, or ten) of kicks from Shoe-Nami. You lucky folks in Metairie and New Orleans have one too!




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31 05 2010
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