Memphis’ Pink Palace

12 05 2010

The Pink Palace is currently Memphis’ largest group of museums.  The group includes an IMAX theatre, a science center, a nature center, planetarium, two homes, and the Pink Palace museum.  You know, having options is a great thing.  The kiddies will never get bored!

The Pink Palace mansion greets you upon entering the gates in this family of museums.  It was originally designed to be the home of Piggly Wiggly founder, Clarence Saunders.  With an overturn of the stock market, and Mr. Saunders facing bankruptcy, the unfinished mansion was donated in the late 1920s to the city of Memphis.  The name of the mansion, Pink Palace, was bestowed by Memphians because of the Georgian pink marble used on the outside of the building.  The Pink Palace is now one of the many of Memphis’ attractions for tourists and it also draws locals. 

After viewing the mechanized Clyde Park Circus, and exhibit of the first self service grocery Piggy Wiggly, don’t forget to walk through the fossil and animal exhibits. You will also want to purchase tickets for the IMAX experience. If you have yet to see an IMAX movie, you just haven’t lived.  They are amazing, and often feature wildlife or other outstanding phenomenons. 

As we continue to help you with your Memphis in May plans or any upcoming trip to Memphis, you will want to include the Pink Palace on your list of stops. 

Here I am at the Pink Palace in October of 2009. 




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