Southern Lady for Southern Ladies

9 05 2010

I must confess to y’all, I feel guilty that my mother’s day present wasn’t very original this year.

But, my mom never asks for anything, but I know she loves Michael Buble, and there’s always that pesky shipping business to consider when sending gifts cross-country (must not break, must not cost $100 to ship, must not be liquid/powder/gel/all those questions the post men ask me everytime), so a little music was a simple, and, I hope, appreciated gift that most mothers would love. I would rather be there in person, making her a scrumptious brunch, but alas, that must wait until next weekend, when we all meet in Memphis for BBQ and a wedding-marathon weekend.

However, if you somehow, unforgivably (but it happens, last year I was that girl calling the flower shop on Friday morning) neglected to send your dear mother a gift for this day, where we all must take a moment to tell mothers what we should tell them every day, all year around, that they are appreciated, then you’re in luck. Because never fail, Sweet Iced Tea is here with a last minute gift idea!

Southern Lady is a charming, sweet, smart magazine. Just like you’re mother, naturally. So this gift that keeps on giving all year would be the perfect gift for your mother today, on Mother’s Day.

Tie a copy up with a ribbon and a beautifully handwritten note, informing her that she is now subscribed for a year-long present of a glossy, Southern magazine arriving each month to her mailbox. (Then don’t forget to get yourself online, or snatch and fill out that convenient postcard inside and actually subscribe her.)

What are your best, never-fail gift ideas for momma’s everywhere?




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