On the Banks of a Tennessee River

3 05 2010

Please everyone stop and take this moment to send your thoughts and prayers out to those in Tennessee, Mississippi and other states that experienced flooding this weekend.

Twit pic by Trevor Evans via the Weather Channel

There is still quite a bit of flooding expected to occur, due to swelling of smaller rivers, as the Cumberland is expected to drain, and it looks like that same rain that dumped feet of water on Tennessee is crossing today into Georgia, the Carolinas, and Virginia.

This unprecedented flooding promped Governor Bredesen to call it the flood of the century. Guests at the Opryland hotel were moved to a nearby highschool, and roads were blocked for hours due to trees, roofs, and even cell towers collapsing due to the sheer saturation of the ground. My mom was stranded outside of Nashville last night at a gas station, along with thousands of other travelers who couldn’t go further on I-40, and other friends and family who live in the area are stranded in their houses, churches, etc. (Luckily, Lady is currently at Cracker Barrel, enjoying a good breakfast, and is well on her way home to Kentucky now, but my dear friends, the Phillips are still stranded in their home and thankful to church members who were able to sandbag to ward off additional flooding into their first floor.)

We sincerely hope all your loved ones in the area are safe and dry, but do let’s continue to pray for our friends and readers in the area who now face a lot of cleanup and continued recovery in this process. Let us know via the comments if you have any updates on services, or have friends and family in the area who are experiencing flooding. Many thanks to the churches and rescue shelters who opened their facilities to stranded families.

In times of crisis, we really realize what Southern hospitality really means, and it can be live-saving.




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