Hal Holbrook as Mark Twain

3 05 2010

See y’all, I knew a little bit of Southern culture could find its way all the way out here to California!

This weekend, I got the opportunity to see the Emmy award-winning actor, Hal Holbrook, perform his one man show as Mark Twain.

Let me tell you, he’s the spitting image of what we’ve always imagined legendary author Mark Twain looked like. Burning his cigar during the whole performance, the “Mark Twain Tonight” show has won a Tony award, and been playing since 1954.

Mr. Holbrook, as Twain, recites from Twain’s works effortlessly for the entire  performance.

Interestingly enough, Mr. Holbrook had been married to the late Dixie Carter, who passed just recently. This show had originally been scheduled for March, before we arrived in California, but was rescheduled. While my thoughts certainly go out to Mr. Holbrook and the Carter family for their loss, I’m fortunate the performance was rescheduled so we got to see this wonderfully charismatic man perform as one of the South’s most beloved characters, Mark Twain.




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3 05 2010
Suwannee Refugee

Do you know if he’ll be coming to FL? Or where I can find the schedule?

4 05 2010

He doesn’t have any Florida dates at present on his calendar, but I signed up for the event alert request at Ticketmaster, so we’ll definitely keep an eye on that, and let y’all know if he’s coming anywhere in the South anytime soon.

His only shows scheduled at present are in CA and PA.

If you’re really wanting to see it, there is a video of a performance he did a while back available. I’ve found it on Amazon and on Netflix. Each performance is different, so he might not tell the same stories on the video as at the live performance I saw, but I can’t imagine that he would ever be anything less than great!

Do let us know if you find additional information and we’ll be sure to let everyone here know!

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