2nd Anniversary: My Bluegrass State — Unbridled Spirit

22 04 2010

Well, today, as we celebrate this week in blog history (history, history, history… that was me in the big, echoing microphone, if you didn’t get that), we focus on Kentucky.

Most of you know, that’s where I (Ginger, here) was born and raised and will call home. We’ve said a good bit (though never enough) about the Bluegrass State. With the Derby coming on, I hope you’ll take a few minutes to look at the beautiful outfits Becky put together earlier this week if you haven’t already. Though beware, they are so beautiful, you’ll want every piece she featured (that wasn’t just me, right?). If you’re looking for a little inspiration for that annual Southern Derby party, you might consider viewing this documentary on the “two most exciting minutes in sports.”

If you haven’t been recently, there is so much Kentucky has to offer — music, scenery, history, and those ever famous thoroughbred horses. Summer is a great time to visit the Bluegrass State, and if you can’t make it for the Derby, you might consider catching the Equestrian Games later this year, hosted, for the first time ever, in America.

But for today, let’s look back to a few of our favorite posts over the years featuring Kentucky.

A Kentucky Derby Tradition & Recipe

Bluegrass Days: A Day in the Life of my Annual Summers at Home

It’s easy to dance in Kentucky!

Historic Homes in Lexington

Bourbon Balls

And don’t forget to leave a comment today for a chance to win some of Kentucky’s famous Ruth Hunt candies (hint: you might not need that Bourbon Balls recipe if you win). Yum! Perfect to share at your Derby Party (or keep all for yourself).

And in further celebration… don’t forget to comment to win our other week-long celebration of prizes — from North Carolina, the Mitford Books; from Tennessee, Corky’s BBQ sauce and dry rub; and from Georgia, Phickles Pickles.




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23 04 2010
2nd Anniversary: Fat Possum Records Giveaway and Mississippi « Sweet Iced Tea

[…] books, Tuesday’s Corky’s BBQ, Wednesday’s Phickles Pickles (you really want these), and Thursday’s Kentucky Bourbon balls.  Whew! That is a lot of great stuff you don’t want to […]

27 04 2010

My favorite part of the Derby is watching everyone dress up. But my question is, where does everyone get those hats? All the ones I find just make me look stupid. Am I not looking hard enough?

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