What A Lady

15 04 2010

We couldn’t go without mentioning the passing of Dixie Carter.  Born and raised in the south, Ms. Carter when on to act in several plays, films but more than likely you would probably remember Ms. Carter from her performance on the television show, Designing Women

Growing up I absolutely loved that show, and it was one of the few shows I was allowed to watch.  After a few moments of watching her, you know that grace and pose were just a part of her DNA.  You could imagine that the character she played on television, Julia Sugarbaker, didn’t seem too far from what she might actually be like in real life. 

Here is a hysterical clip of one of her performances on Designing Women and talks about crazy people in the south.  If have yet to see this show, add it to your Netflix queue today! You will roll with laughter. 




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