Powells Dairy Freeze

12 04 2010

Powells Dairy Freeze is the spot for locals in Starke, Florida.  This is an unabashedly famous spot to find shakes, burgers, fries, you know, Americana food at its best.   Shockingly, it has yet to appear on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives on the Food Network. 

My good friend Dana grew up in Starke and for years I have heard nothing but good things.  Last week on our strawberry picking adventure we decided to swing through Starke and stop at Powells.  It was so much fun.

Pulling up in the car was a little intimidating as we were first timers and not locals, but we quickly figured out that the waitress will come to you in the car, or you can get out, order at the counter and eat at the picnic tables. Who doesn’t love those options?  We opted to stay in the car and enjoy the people watching.   Kids, grannies, families, teenagers, everyone was here for the party.  Not one person, not even one, went without ordering some form of ice cream.  I guess they were serious when they named the place!

Since I had an “in” with Dana, I knew to order a cherry coke. This is not the cherry coke that you buy in plastic 2 liter bottles at the store.  This cherry coke deliciousness is what I imagine was once served at the soda fountains my grandparents and parents remember so fondly.  Whether they simply mixed cherry syrup with coke, or concocted something a bit more complicated is undetermined.  All I know is that it was hands down the best cherry coke ever.  They also serve that amazing ice, the kind that looks like little balls of hail, the kind that if you aren’t careful can make it through your straw.

Mixing in fries, a hamburger and a malted vanilla milkshake ensured a sleepy ride home, but it was worth each and every bite. 

Yeah for Powell’s Dairy Freeze.  All you Gator fans that travel to the swamp each football season and pass through Starke, you must stop at Powells on your next trip.   

Living in the south is so much fun.




One response

20 04 2010

Yeah! So glad you enjoyed it. Love the blog. 🙂 Now that I’m here visiting from Kentucky I will be sure to make a stop at Powell’s!!

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