Bow Tie, Argyle and Seersucker, Oh My!!

12 04 2010

Confession. I adore men dressed like they are ready for the Kentucky Derby, or really, any big southern event.  It makes me think of days gone by, and a certain type of charm somehow lost, but we are striving to bring back. 

The bow ties, argyle, and pin stripes are just stunning and a man that can pull it off, well, goodness. It makes my heart flutter.  Truth be told, I couldn’t get my boyfriend to even imagine wearing an outfit like this. I bought him a pair of beautiful seersucker pants over 2 years ago and he has yet to wear them.  Oh well!!

You might find it a bit too much, but honey, I just love it all.  If you or your dear one likes the pictures above, then you might want to check out Brooks Brothers newest summer collection.  Yes, I get their emails! I just like to look at all of the pretty pictures, and imagine myself with mint julep in my hand, and boyfriend in a bow tie.




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