Tuesday Tip: Sugar Exfoliant

6 04 2010

Whenever my momma, sister and I get together (just one more month, girls!), my poor, outnumbered dad always teases us about somehow always winding up talking about nail polish, the latest sale going on at J. Crew, the price of mustard that week, or… his favorite female word: exfoliant.

I guess it’s one of those concepts that’s just not in a guy’s vocabulary, but nothing feels better than to slough off those dry layers of skin and feel fresh and bright!

Well, last week we freshened up our elbows, now here’s a all-natural sugary scrub made with ingredients I’m just betting you already have in your kitchen.

Mix 1/2 to 2/3 cup granulated sugar with the juice of one whole lemon to form a paste. In the shower, scrub away, paying special attention to those heels (you can even use the lemon rinds if you want to get quite resourceful).

This would make a great gift too in a pretty little jar with a tag instructing how to use it.




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6 04 2010
Ginger's Dad

When life hands you lemons, exfoliate!

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