Chez Lulu

29 03 2010

Howdy, strangers! It’s your long lost Southern Californian girl, Ginger here.

I know, I know… seems like you haven’t heard from me in ages. Well, moving, turns out, is a bit more time consuming than my ever-optimistic little mind wanted to believe. We’re finally in Monterey, have found a cute little cottage (which we move into on Thursday). So, while I’m still considering myself a tourist, this means I haven’t even yet begun to unpack!

It’s different out here, y’all. Now don’t get me wrong, folks are just as friendly. I’m constantly surprised how similar it is. I felt like I was moving to a foreign country, and it’s a lot more like home than I would have thought, but I mean, it’s just… different. I somehow failed to realize how mountainous California was. And how very seperated-by-thousands-of-miles-of-desert it was from the rest of the country. Back east, you really can’t drive 4 hours in most directions and still not be somewhere near “civilisation.” But here… they love their National Parks (a.k.a. really large, but beautiful, forests). I’m a big city girl. Their is not a subdivision to be found. I haven’t seen a Baptist church sign in weeks. And I’m constantly thinking about earthquakes.

That being said now, I did eat a bacon waffle at brunch yesterday. And you know how much I love pork products. However, I had to open up about 7 packets of sugar to stir into my iced tea to go along side of it.

All in all, it’s so blasted pretty around here, even though it’s not home, it feels like a tiny bit of heaven, so we’re just going to buckle down and enjoy these next 2 years for the adventure that it is. As our new Governator says, “It’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it.”

… And, since I was such a delinquent blogger while on the road (too much fun was being had, so instead of the grand dreams of blogging each night from the hotel rooms, I feel into a blissful slumber from all the sugar ingested, Mad Libs played, tourist sites visited, rest stops stopped at, etc.), I thought I’d take this week to catch you up on some of the fun Southern things we did along the way, before we reached the Mississippi River.

First of, and possibly my favorite day of the whole trip was day three, when I got the chance to pop through one of my favorite Southern cities – Birmingham, to see my dearest friend in the whole wide world whom I too rarely get to see, Ginny. She took me to the cutest little French restaurant. My only complaint is that I can’t believe she’d never taken me before.

Located in the Mountain Brook area of town (those of you familiar with the Ham, I need say no more about its quaintness), Chez Lulu was the perfect Sunday night supper, complete with delicious soup, bread, quiche, fresh vegetables… yum. And as if that weren’t enough, the most adorable accordian player, romancing us with his songs the whole dinner. And as if that weren’t enough, I’ve totally changed my entire decorating philosophy immediately upon entering this dark, velvety gorgeousness. I’m going to have to throw all my modern collection away, and start from scratch (I’m sure husband is glad to hear that, especially since I’m gainfully unemployed at the moment)! And as if that weren’t enough, the company was the best there is!

So, if you’re in the Birmingham area, this is a must. I mean a must must must!

… Stay tuned later in the week for my Dallas/Fort Worth report!




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