Cherry Blossom Festival

27 03 2010

Beginning today and extending through April 11 is the Cherry Blossom Festival in our nation’s capital, Washington, DC.  With trees in bloom all over the southern region of the United States, I can only begin to imagine the potential beauty of the cherry blossom trees surrounding the Tidal Basin in Washington.

As a third grader my family lived in Charlottesville, Virginia, for what seems like now just a blip of time.  During those few months we made it up to Washington, DC to visit the most awe inspiring blooms one can witness in a lifetime.  I am much, much older now but I can still remember the pink and white petals in the trees.  The clear, blue sky, slight chill in the air and monuments made for the perfect day as we sat and enjoyed the people watching and the beauty. 

Did you know that the Cherry Blossom Festival was born out a gift of friendship between the Mayor of Tokyo and the city of Washington which included 3,000 cherry blossom trees in 1912?  First Lady Taft accepted the gift in 1912 and planted two trees along the Tidal Basin with the wife of the Japanese ambassador.  The United States reciprocated the gift with 3,000 flowering dogwood trees in 1915 and in 1927 the “first” festival took place.  Since that time, the United States received almost 4,000 additional trees and even provided clippings of the trees to Japan after horrendous flooding in 1981. 

2012 marks the centennial anniversary of the gift of trees.  Perhaps I will have to make another pilgrimage to see these wonderful and most beautiful trees. 

Have you visited Washington to see the Cherry Blossoms?  We would love to see your pics.  The festival calendar of events seem exciting.  For example, the weekend Cherry Blossom River Teas, where you enjoy high tea aboard a yacht. 

Check out the family pic in DC that year.  You know it was the 80’s with all of that acid wash denim and bangs! Yikes!

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