Swimsuit Season: SPANX Swimwear

26 03 2010

Last weekend I went to an amazing wedding in Sarasota, Florida, and I had a beautiful dress.  If I must admit, I looked pretty cute! One of the reasons I felt so confident was due mostly to my undergarments. I know, southern ladies don’t mention the unmentionables, but let’s be honest, we all need a little help every now and then.  Yes, that includes you! My unmentionables are none other than SPANX.  

Just in case you have yet to enjoy the benefits of SPANX, they are a slimming undergarment that will smooth and finish your look. For my little hot number last weekend it helped tremendously.  I have been a naysayer in the past, but SPANX are a must have for all ladies in the south and beyond. 

Prior to my purchase I heard the creator of this ingenious product, Sara Blakely, was from the south and attended to the university I cheer for at football games, Florida State. Sure enough, little Ms. Blakely is from Clearwater, Florida.  Heavens, southern women are so smart!

Not only does SPANX have everything you need for a night out or everyday undergarments, but they now also create swimwear.  Can I hear the sound of hallelujahs?  Although expensive, these suits are precious and might be just what you need for the upcoming swimsuit season.

They are available online and in a store near you!




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