Southern Rockers: NeedToBreathe

25 03 2010

I still linger in the sad music arena.  Admittedly, I like that genre, even though some (my sister) claim it effects your mood, sometimes melancholy isn’t so bad, no?  Despite my love for music that makes you sleepy, I have grown to love a genre of music that is ever so southern, to be specific, Southern Rock.  That is shocking, I know, especially since I write a southern blog. Nevertheless, I find myself being weaned off of the milk of sad music and craving something with a bit more, well, grit. 

NeedToBreathe is one such group that has awakened my pallet for southern rock.  Within southern rock you can almost always find an echo or two of country music and those sounds are present on the NeedToBreathe albums.  Hailing from Possum Kingdom, South Carolina these southern rockers carry a message with their incredible music talent and vocals, but their lyrics linger in my heart and I find myself humming their tunes. 

Lucky for me, the Needtobreathe tour stopped by the FreeBird Café in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, and I was able to experience the live version.  Standing for the hour or however long the performance continued (I was mesmerized and had no concept of time), I truly found myself so engaged by each and every song.  In a world of over produced music, auto-tune and lack of true talent it is enjoyable to find a band that actually sounded better in person than on the album.  Seriously!!! The concert made my heart sing. 

I personally recommend each and every one of their albums. Go and get ’em!




2 responses

25 03 2010

I love this band, seriously, great God-lovin’ guys!!!

13 06 2010
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