The Atlanta Street Food Coalition

22 03 2010

Food is pretty much the highlight of my day.  As a result, I am constantly searching for new restaurants, recipes and food ideas. Food just makes me happy. Happy Becky is a good thing. 

You will probably laugh as I confess this, but I love, LOVE the idea of roadside/street food. Whether boiled peanuts or fresh caught fish, it is just so amazing. I also associate the idea of street vendors with the “big city,” and another thing I love is the “big city.” With this in mind and an upcoming trip to Atlanta, I found a blog, the Atlanta Street Food Coalition.  How cool!

With a mission of serving quality food, the Atlanta Street Food Coalition also strives to foster relationships between the businesses and communities they serve, and promote the benefits (such as jobs- a biggie) to lawmakers.  The food part excites me the most and I might just have to hunt down one their vendors next month in Atlanta. 

If you live or are visiting the Atlanta area I hope you will stop by, and let me know if you enjoyed your experience.

A BBQ Pork sandwich from The Pickle sounds delicious, but so does the fish taco!  This could be a long day. 

The Pickle, a street vendor member of the coalition.




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