Take the High Road

15 03 2010

One of life’s greatest gifts are good friends. So will you let me brag a little on a few of mine today?

I have had the privilege of knowing one of my best friends, Cecily, for years and years. We must have met sometime back in junior high school or maybe before, but we became fast friends in high school, going on choir tours and camp trips. We have a very close group of six of us girls who still remain friends in contact to this day.

Cecily is one of the most talented individuals I know. She is an accomplished violinist who has recently been named director of the School of Performing Arts at Bellevue in Memphis, Tennessee. (For those of you unfamiliar with Bellevue Baptist Church, stay tuned for our Memphis in May feature coming up in, well, May!)

Cecily also performs with a group called High Road in her “free time.” She, along with seven other equally so-talented-it-makes-you-want-to-cry folks, started a band a few years ago. Now you know how it is, when you have a friend who is in a band, you dutifully go watch them when they come to town, fully expecting to love it. But when I saw these eight talented members play, I was literally blown away. You know something will be good, but goodness gracious. I’m a FAN!

We don’t often think of Celtic music being particularly Southern, but think about it, there are many close ties including fiddles and such, and hey, we Southerners love all music, right?

So, in honor of St. Patrick’s day, we’ll be featuring this Irish-inspired band in the next couple of days with an interview with the band members.

But first, let me introduce you!

Sweet Iced Tea Readers, this is High Road. High Road, Sweet Iced Tea…

Mr. Larry Anderson is a beautiful vocalist (are you allowed to say that about a man? Well, he is.), and, happens to be the fathers of one of my dearest friends, Larry (yes, the third… how cool is that?). Mr. Anderson founded High Road with this group of like-minded musical (and all around cool people) and… he also plays percussion for the group.

Cecily (yes, I’ve already, and could continue to, talk your ears off about her) plays the violin and provides vocal talent to the group.

Mollie (besides being model-like pretty) sings, plays flute, and penny-whistle. And yes, she happens to be the daughter of Mr. Larry.

(Get ready, ladies and gentlemen, half of these folks are related, practically related, or engaged to be married (related) soon. It’s a fun crowd.)

Jesse, son of Mr. Larry, plays bass, percussion, and also is a vocalist for High Road.

Noah plays cello for High Road. He also performs on the dulcimer and the accordion. (And maybe has the coolest hair around.)

Sweet Rose (no, her name is really just Rose, but she’s sweet as sugar) performs on flute, penny-whistle, dulcimer, and vocals for High Road.

Ben plays the guitar beautifully, and is also High Road’s newest addition. His best feature is that he happens to be the fiance of beautiful Mollie.

And finally, last, but not least, is another Anderson son, David. He plays many percussion instruments including djembe (betcha don’t even know what that is)!

(See, told you these folks would make you ashamed of yourself.)

Whew! Be sure to check them out, grab their CD, or most definitely be sure to see them live if you’re *lucky* enough for them to come to your city in the near future.

And like our good friend Lamar used to say, “But don’t take my word for it!”

And if you’re looking for a festive activity to do this St. Paddy’s day in the south, check out Savannah’s celebration that rivals anything going on in the mother-land.




5 responses

15 03 2010

I’m for sure looking forward to the interviews!!!
Seems like a wonderful group, it’s always great to hear devoted Christian music.

20 04 2010
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8 08 2010

I’ve seen them twice, and love it!

17 10 2011
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