Savannah Bee Company

11 03 2010

Bees are the best. No doubt by now you are probably sick of hearing about bees, our harvests, pictures of bees, etc, but I just could not go to sleep at night if I did not tell you about the Savannah Bee Company. 

Ginger, the dear that she is, knows about the family love of bees and honey.  Lucky for me, I was the glad recipient of a bee basket for Christmas, including all things bee related, but most exciting was the honey sampler from the Savannah Bee Company.  The sampler (pictured above) also included Tupelo honey, known to be some of the best honey in the world and it is perfectly golden!!

You can find Savannah Bee Company products in many of the large chain stores around the country, but I find it so encouraging to read their story, know the passion behind the business and support a southern “local.” 

Forget the honey bear of your youth and find your local honey or order some of the Savannah Bee Company’s finest.  You shall not be disappointed. 

p.s- a little honey, gorgonzola or blue cheese, a walnut, and a wheat toast point—perfection!




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